My story

A dozen or so years ago I was a typical young mother- with a husband, two sweet babies and a fascinating carrer put on the back burner, oh, and there was a mortgage too… Seemed like a long and straight path ahead…
Then, just for sport, I started doing yoga in a local fitness club.
And the longer I practiced it, the more discomfort I felt in my perfect life. I started making controversial choices. Facing my own frustration, fear and harsh reality, I started pushing the cubes of this perfect domino, building my life anew.
Today I’m a mature, independent and self-confident woman. I love my life!
I don’t claim that all of my choices were good, that I always knew what to do, nor that I was always brave and unbreakable.
I’m still afraid of failure and loneliness. Sometimes I feel down in the dumps, sometimes I behave irresponsibly…
Yet I’m in touch with myself and I can forgive myself for the mistakes I make. I trust my intuition. I can handle stress, fear, uncertainty.
It turned out that yoga is not fitness or gymnastics. It’s a tool, transformation, the way. I won’t tell you where it will take you, but I’m sure it will make the road easier.

About me

I’m Ewa Sutryk. My contact with movement began in high school, when I did various types of fitness, swimming, dancing, climbing, cycling etc. For over 13 years I’ve been continuously practicing a dynamic kind of yoga- Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
Yoga practice has taught me perseverance, humbleness and acceptance; it has also brought more balance, consistency and joy into my life. I love people I meet on the mat- they are a gift and an inspiration for constant growth. I approach each person with mindfulness and love.
Since 2012 I’ve been a teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition. In 2011 I went to its birthplace- Mysore in India, where I took part in a course in asanas and pranayamas. In 2012 I participated in a teacher training since when I regularly teach classes in Yoga Republic as well as give individual, in-company and classes for children. I’m also a certified Yoga Alliance teacher (RYT 200).
Through movement I help my clients reach physical and emotional well- being, handle stress, raise energy levels and build self- confidence in their private and public lives. I systematically broaden my knowledge and improve skills during various workshops. In my private life I’m a mom of two with an artistic education and I work as an art restorer. I’m happy to say that my work is my passion, but not the only one- in my free time I do acroyoga, climb, take pictures, dance and cook. I’m interested in conscoius movement and combining and applying various bodywork techniques.


Individual sessions

Yoga, movement, bodywork are all tools helping reconnect with oneself on a physical level and also reaching deeper- to the mind, emotions and soul.

Joga for Companies

If you care about good atmosphere at work and well-being of your employees, book regular classes with us in your office! Before or after working hours or maybe during lunch break?

Joga trips

Movement workshops during company events will be a healthy and interesting alternative for... other types of entertainment

Photo Gallery

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