Joga for companies

If you care about your employees, do not forget about your work! Before or after working hours or maybe during lunch break?


Omnipresent stress changes in our natural movement and breathing patterns, due to which we lose touch with ourselves. We lose the ability to relax, recognize our needs, and have a negative impact on all of them, including the professional one. We are paralyzed by stress, we feel burnt-out and are not able to establish lasting rapport with colleagues.

Using movement, breath and bodywork in reach the most primordial functions of stress. We start feeling better in our bodies, we become more consciuos about them and our needs. Our self-esteem improves, we develop better, get more creative and based on trust and cooperation.

Combining various bodywork techniques we can create classes focused on specific goals:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • working with injuries and strains in the body, functional movement patterns
  • boosting energy levels – dynamic clasess
  • team integration

All classes are available. Duration of the classes: 60 mins



Ewa Sutryk 
536 212 442
[email protected]